The PERCENTILE function in Excel 2010

In the following tutorial, we will describe to you on how to find the percentile of a particular set of values in Excel using the PERCENTILE function.


The PERCENTILE function returns the k-th percentile of a particular set of values. You can use the PERCENTILR function to create a starting point for the purpose of acceptance. For example, you can decide to find out the candidates who have scored more than 95 percentile.


The syntax of the PERCENTILE function is



‘array’ is a required argument and it is array that contains the range of values for which you want to find the percentile.

‘k’ is also a required argument and it is the percentile value that ranges from 0----1.


The PERCENTILE function returns a #VALUE! error if ‘k’ is non-numeric.

If k<0 or k>1, the function returns a #NUM! error value.


Let’s say that, you want to find the 97th percentile from the set of values 45,38,43,40. Enter these values in cells A2 to A5 and type the formula =PERCENTILE(A2:A5,0.97) in cell A7.

The above formula returns the value that corresponds to the 97th percentile score. The value returned by the function is “44.82” and this indicates that, the values that are equal to 44.82 or above this value are accepted for consideration.

See the figure below for more examples on the PERCENTILE function.


So, this is how you can find out a particular percentile score from a list of values using the PERCENTILE function present in Excel 2010 Application.

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