How to add or remove custom tabs from word ribbon in Word 2010

Various features for customization of the document, in terms of formatting, layout and display are provided by Word 2010. Word 2010 also allows the customization of the Word ribbon for the Word 2010 application. Various tabs, buttons and commands can be added or removed from the ribbon as per user choice. The default commands in the various tab of Word ribbon cannot be removed from them. The default tabs are allowed to be removed and can be added later to the Word ribbon. However, to add a command to the tab, you have to create custom tabs to add or remove specific commands (with button) in the Word ribbon. A user is allowed to create a new tab or group from, customized commands. Some steps for creating a new tab for the Word ribbon in Word 2010 are undernoted below.

Steps to add or remove custom tabs from word ribbon in Word 2010: -

1. Begin by clicking the button for options of "Microsoft Office" Word application, and after that follow one step from the two under noted, for invoking the "Word Options" dialog box.

a) First, click on button entitled by "Options" from the options for "Microsoft Office" Word application. The button is located below the tab entitled by "Word" among the options of "Microsoft Office" Word application.

Image 1


b) First, click on tab entitled by "Options" placed under "Microsoft Tools" section. You will find it in the adjacent side of tab entitled by "Word", after a click on the same.

Image 2

2. Once the dialog box for "Word Options" opens, click the tab entitled as "Customize Ribbon" placed in its left panel and then in the adjacent side of the "Customize Ribbon" tab search for the "New Tab" button located under the selection box of "Customize the Ribbon:" option. Click on the button to add a new tab in the ribbon. You will find that "New Tab (Custom)", appears in the list of tabs below the "Customize the Ribbon:" option as soon as you click the "New Tab" button.

Image 3


To remove the custom tab just click on the name of the tab, located in the list of tab under the "Customize the Ribbon:" option and then click on the " < < Remove" button located between the "Choose commands from:" and "Customize the Ribbon:" option's list boxes.

Image 4

3. Close the "Word Options" dialog box by clicking the "OK" button, place in the bottom of the same.

Image 5

After successfully tracing the above mentioned steps, you are now capable to add or remove custom tabs from word ribbon in Word 2010

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