Inserting embedded Objects into Worksheet in MS Excel 2010

There may be a need where you want to show a PowerPoint presentation through your Excel Worksheet itself to emphasize and visualize the data present in your worksheet. During these situations, you can insert the PowerPoint Document into the Excel Worksheet and show the Presentation from your excel Worksheet itself. Follow these simple steps to add embedded objects into MS Excel Worksheets.

1) Open the Excel Worksheet where you want to insert an Embedded Object like a PowerPoint Presentation Slides, an Adobe Document or a Word Document. Then click on the “insert Tab” under the Ribbon and under the Insert Tab, in the ‘Text’ category click on the ‘Objet’ icon. See Figure 1 for details.

Figure 1

2) Once you click on the Object icon, a new window appears on the screen with two Tabs in it, namely ‘Create New’ and ‘Create from File’. See Figure 2 for details.

Figure 2

3) You can use the ‘Create New Tab’ icon to create a new embedded object from the Excel worksheet itself. See Figure 3 for details. In our illustration we chose Power Point Presentation. Now a new slide will be inserted into your worksheet for you to enter the data. See Figure 4 for details. Then you can use the ‘Create From file’ tab to insert already an Existing embedded object into the Excel Worksheet.

Figure 3

Figure 4

4) Next, in our illustration, we chose the ‘Create from File’ tab to insert already an existing PowerPoint Presentation document. See Figure 5 for details. Once you are done, click “Insert”.

Figure 5

5) Now you can observe that the embedded object is inserted into the Worksheet as per the Specifications. See Figure 6 for details.

Figure 6

6) If you do not want to insert the slide as it is, you can insert the embedded object’s icon into the Worksheet by checking the box ‘display as icon’ in the window. See Figure 7 and 8 for details.

Figure 7

Figure 8

7) If you want to start a slide show, double click on the embedded object and you should be done with it. See Figure 9 for details.

Figure 9

So, this is how you can insert embedded objects into the Excel Worksheets or create new embedded objects from the Worksheet itself.

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