Make MS Outlook 2010 change font color when replying or forwarding a message

If you want to distinguish between a sent message and its reply message, then you can change the font color of the reply message or the message that you forward. Follow these simple steps mentioned below to change the font color of the message when you are replying to a message or when you are forwarding it.

1) Open the Outlook application; click on the ‘Office’ button and then select the Outlook Options’. See figure 1 for details.

Figure 1

2) Now in the Outlook Options window that appears on the screen, select the ‘mail’ category and then click on the “Stationery and Fonts” tab in the ‘Compose Messages’ group. See figure 2 for details.

Figure 2

3) Now in the Signature and stationery window thus opened, click on the ‘Personal Stationery’ tab. See Figure 3 for details.

Figure 3

4) Now inside this tab, click on ‘Font’ tab that you find in the ‘Replying or Forwarding messages group to choose a font color. See Figure 4 for details.

Figure 4

5) Now in the “font” window thus opened, choose the font color using the drop down list of the ‘Font Color’ tab. See figure 5 for details.

Figure 5

6) Now when you reply or forward a message, the content that you enter will have a different font color that you specified in the previous step. See Figure 6 for details.

Figure 6

So, this is how you can change the text color of a reply message or the message that you forward.

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