Does CVS Take Apple Pay

As a modern consumer, you likely value convenience and speed, especially when shopping at places like CVS Pharmacy. But have you ever wondered if CVS accepts Apple Pay for your transactions? The answer is yes – since late 2018, all 9932 CVS stores have welcomed Apple Pay as a method of payment! In this blog post, we will explore how Apple Pay works at CVS, its benefits for customers like you, other digital payment options available at the pharmacy chain, and much more.

Quick Summary

  • CVS Pharmacy accepts Apple Pay as a mobile payment option at all of its 9932 stores across the US, including gift cards and prescriptions at the pharmacy counter.
  • Using Apple Pay offers benefits like a faster and more convenient checkout process, increased security and privacy for payments, and potential rewards and offers for customers.
  • Other digital payment options besides Apple Pay that are accepted at CVS include Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and the company’s own mobile payment app called CVS Pay.
  • Other major retailers that accept Apple Pay include Whole Foods, McDonald’s, Target, Starbucks, Best Buy among many others in the US.

Understanding Apple Pay And Its Availability At CVS

Apple Pay is a mobile payment option that allows users to make contactless payments via their digital wallet using NFC technology, and CVS has welcomed the opportunity to accept this innovative payment solution in all of its pharmacy counters and checkout stores.

Definition And Functionality Of Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service created by Apple Inc. that allows users to make contactless purchases with their iPhones, Apple Watches, and other compatible devices. The functionality of Apple Pay is designed for speed, convenience, and security. Setting up your digital wallet involves adding one or more credit or debit cards to the Wallet app on your device. Once set up, you can simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near an NFC-enabled payment terminal to initiate a transaction; there’s no need to swipe or insert a physical card. Furthermore, it utilizes unique tokenization systems for each transaction which provides an additional layer of security by not sharing your actual card details with merchants when completing a purchase.

Usage And Availability At CVS

I’m excited to share that CVS now accepts Apple Pay at all of its 9932 stores across the country. This means that you can now use your mobile device or Apple Watch to make secure and contactless payments for most purchases, including gift cards and prescriptions at the pharmacy counter. It’s worth noting, however, that Apple Pay is not currently available as a payment option through CVS online or via their app. Using Apple Pay at CVS is incredibly easy – simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the NFC terminal at checkout and follow the prompts on your device. You can also use it for self-checkout machines and pharmacy counters for added convenience.

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At CVS

Using Apple Pay at CVS offers a faster and more convenient checkout process, increased security and privacy, and potential rewards and offers – read on to learn how you can enjoy these benefits.

Faster And More Convenient Checkout Process

Using Apple Pay at CVS can speed up the checkout process significantly. By simply tapping your phone or watch and verifying your identity with a fingerprint or face scan, you can complete your transaction in seconds, without having to fumble for cash or pull out a card. In addition to being faster, using Apple Pay also brings an added level of convenience since you don’t have to carry physical payment cards around with you all the time. Plus, by storing multiple credit and debit cards within the app, you can easily choose which one to use for a particular purchase without having to switch them out physically.

Increased Security And Privacy

Using Apple Pay at CVS not only makes the checkout process quick and easy, but it also provides enhanced security and privacy for your payments. When making a purchase with Apple Pay, your actual payment card information is not stored on the device or shared with merchants. Instead, a unique Device Account Number is assigned to each card, encrypted and securely stored in the device’s Secure Element. In addition to secure payment processing technology, some credit card issuers also offer added protection measures such as two-factor authentication or biometric identification like Touch ID and Face ID. With these features enabled on your mobile device, you can ensure that only you are authorized to use your cards via Apple Pay at CVS or other retailers where contactless payments are accepted.

Potential Rewards And Offers

As an Apple Pay user at CVS, there are a few potential rewards and offers to take advantage of. First off, if you have a credit card that earns cashback or points on mobile payments, you can rack up some serious rewards with each purchase. Additionally, CVS occasionally offers promotions for using digital payment methods like Apple Pay, such as $5 off your next purchase when you spend $20 or more using Apple Pay. And finally, if you’re an active ExtraCare Rewards member and link your account to the CVS app (which supports Apple Pay), you’ll earn rewards faster on eligible purchases made with your mobile wallet.

Other Digital Payment Options At CVS

In addition to Apple Pay, CVS also accepts Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and their own mobile payment app called CVS Pay.

Google Pay

Google Pay is another digital payment option available to CVS customers. It allows users to pay for their non-prescription orders and other purchases quickly and securely using their mobile devices. Like Apple Pay, Google Pay uses the NFC technology to transmit payment information from a user’s device to a compatible terminal. One significant advantage of Google Pay is its compatibility with Android smartphones, making it accessible to more people than Apple Pay. Additionally, users can earn rewards points through Google’s loyalty program when they use Google Pay at CVS Pharmacy stores or online.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is another popular digital payment option available at CVS. Just like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay uses contactless technology to make payments faster and more secure. With Samsung Pay, users can store multiple credit cards in one digital wallet, making it easy to pay for purchases without the need for physical cards. The best part about using Samsung Pay at CVS is that it works on both NFC and MST terminals, which means you can use it at almost any checkout counter or self-checkout kiosk. And just like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay also offers rewards and discounts for using the app to make purchases.


CVS Pay is another digital payment option offered by CVS Pharmacy. It is an app-based payment method that allows customers to pay for their purchases using their mobile devices. This payment method enables users to link their credit or debit cards and process transactions with just a few taps on the screen. One significant advantage of using CVS Pay is that it integrates with the company’s ExtraCare Rewards program. With this feature, users can earn rewards points while paying for their purchases through the app. Additionally, CVS Pay offers added convenience as it stores receipts digitally within the app instead of handing out paper receipts.

Other Major Retailers That Accept Apple Pay

Discover other major retailers besides CVS that accept Apple Pay and how this payment method is changing the way we shop.

List And Explanation Of Other Major Retailers

As an avid Apple Pay user, I know firsthand that it can be frustrating to go into a store and not see the option available. Luckily, there are plenty of other major retailers out there who have embraced this payment method. Here’s a list of some of the most popular ones:
  1. Whole Foods: As part of the Amazon family, it makes sense that Whole Foods would jump on board with the latest payment technology. You can use Apple Pay at all of their stores across the country.
  2. McDonald’s: Fast food giant McDonald’s was one of the first big names to start accepting Apple Pay. It’s available in almost all of their locations, making it easy to get your burger fix without having to pull out your wallet.
  3. Target: Target has been expanding its digital payment options over the past few years, and Apple Pay is now one of them. You can use it both in-store and online for a seamless shopping experience.
  4. Starbucks: If you’re a coffee lover like me, then you’ll be happy to know that Starbucks accepts Apple Pay at all of their US locations. You can also earn rewards points through their app while using this payment method.
  5. Best Buy: Electronics retailer Best Buy is another big name that accepts Apple Pay at all of its stores nationwide. This makes it easy to buy your new phone or laptop using your favorite payment method.
So there you have it – five major retailers that accept Apple Pay! Of course, there are many more out there as well, so be sure to keep an eye out for the contactless payment symbol next time you’re out shopping or grabbing a bite to eat.


Does CVS accept Apple Pay as a form of payment?

Yes, CVS does accept Apple Pay as a form of payment in all its stores across the United States.

What do I need to use Apple Pay at CVS?

To use Apple Pay at any CVS store, you will require an iPhone or an Apple Watch with the feature enabled and linked to your credit/debit cards registered in your Wallet app.

Can I earn rewards points and apply coupons when purchasing items with Apple Pay at CVS?

Yes, customers can still earn and redeem their loyalty rewards programs like ExtraCare® Rewards or exclusive discounts and offers by applying them to eligible purchases made via Apple Pay.

Is it safe to use my credit/debit card information with Apple Pay at CVS?

Yes, using your card details with Apple is one of the safest ways for transactions since they employ end-to-end encryption technology that secures customers’ private data from theft or fraudulent activities during the transaction process. Additionally, users may also activate extra security measures such as two-factor authentication on their devices to prevent unauthorized access if needed.