Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay

Yes! Starbucks accepts Apple Pay in their stores and through their mobile app.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, payment methods have evolved to offer more convenience and security. One such advancement in payment technology is Apple Pay, a contactless payment solution consumers increasingly favour. So Let’s find out Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay?

Quick Summary

  • Starbucks accepts Apple Pay as a form of payment, making it convenient for iPhone users to pay for their favourite beverages.
  • Using Apple Pay at Starbucks offers added security and rewards benefits, such as cashback options and loyalty points on each purchase.
  • Other payment methods available at Starbucks include credit/debit cards and mobile order/pay through the Starbucks app, offering diverse options that suit every customer’s needs.
  • Overall, mobile payments like Apple Pay provide faster transactions with heightened safety measures for customers seeking convenience and peace of mind regarding financial security.

Understanding Apple Pay And Starbucks

Apple Pay is a digital wallet payment system that allows users to store their credit, debit, and loyalty cards securely on their iPhone or Apple Watch.

Explanation Of Apple Pay

As a frequent shopper who values convenience and security, I’ve found that Apple Pay has revolutionised my transactions. This digital wallet service by Apple Inc. Allows users to make contactless payments using their iPhone or other compatible devices without needing physical cash or credit cards. One of the more prominent features of Apple Pay is its use of near-field communication (NFC) technology to facilitate contactless transactions between your device and a point-of-sale terminal. When you hold your phone close to an NFC-enabled payment reader at Starbucks – or any other location for that matter – the transaction happens almost instantly without sharing sensitive card details with merchants. Moreover, as someone who appreciates being rewarded for customer loyalty and regular spending habits (who doesn’t?). I was thrilled to discover that certain banks allow cashback options when using Apply Pay! With these combined benefits in mind. It’s no wonder digital wallets like this have become increasingly popular among consumers – including fellow Starbucks enthusiasts such as myself – seeking faster checkout experiences with heightened safety measures in place.

Overview Of Starbucks Payment Methods

Starbucks offers a variety of payment methods, from traditional cash transactions to digital options, aiming to provide a seamless and convenient experience for all customers. The Starbucks app allows for mobile payments through various options such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and in-app payments . Additionally, Starbucks rewards program members can earn stars on every purchase made with their digital or physical Starbucks Card accessible through the app. Credit and debit cards are also accepted at Starbucks locations nationwide. Starbucks’ mobile order and pay feature is another option that allows customers to pre-order their drink or food items before they get to the store while earning stars towards free drinks or food items.

Starbucks Take Apple Pay

Yes, you heard it right! Starbucks does accept Apple Pay as a form of payment.

How To Use Apple Pay At Starbucks

Use Apple Pay At Starbucks   Here is how I use Apple Pay at Starbucks:
  1. First, ensure your iPhone is unlocked, and the screen is on.
  2. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone.
  3. Select the credit, debit, or prepaid card you want to use for your purchase.
  4. Hold your iPhone near the contactless reader at the point-of-sale terminal.
  5. Use Face ID or Touch ID to authenticate the payment with your fingerprint or face.
  6. Wait for the payment confirmation message on your iPhone screen.
  7. If you have a Starbucks Card, you can add it to your Wallet app and use it through Apple Pay.
  8. You can also reload a Starbucks Card using Apple Pay through the Starbucks app.
Using Apple Pay at Starbucks is quick and easy, and you don’t have to worry about sharing your credit card number at the point-of-sale terminal. You can also earn rewards using Apple Pay and any registered Starbucks Card in your Wallet app.

Cashback Options With Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay at Starbucks provides the added benefit of cashback options. For instance, customers who use their Chase Freedom credit card with Apple Pay can earn 5% cash back on purchases made at Starbucks during select quarterly periods. Cashback Options With Apple Pay Similarly, Bank of America offers similar rewards for using Apple Pay to pay for Starbucks purchases, making it a smart choice for coffee aficionados looking to save money.

Other Payment Options At Starbucks

Starbucks offers various payment options, including their Rewards program, the use of credit or debit cards, as well as mobile order and pay.

Starbucks Rewards Program

As a Starbucks regular, I love taking advantage of the Starbucks Rewards program. It’s easy to sign up for and offers great benefits like free drinks and food rewards. When using Apple Pay at Starbucks, you can also earn rewards through the app by reloading your Starbucks Card with Apple Pay. Plus, the more you use your digital card or mobile order and pay through the app, the more chances you have to earn stars towards other perks like free refills on coffee or exclusive event invitations.

Credit And Debit Cards

At Starbucks, customers can use traditional payment methods such as credit and debit cards. These forms of payment are widely accepted, and they provide a convenient way to make quick transactions without the need for cash. For example, if you forget your wallet at home but have your card on hand, you can still purchase your favourite coffee or snack. In addition, some credit and debit cards offer rewards programs that allow you to earn points or cashback when purchasing at participating retailers like Starbucks.

Mobile Order And Pay

I often use Mobile Order and Pay at Starbucks to save time. It’s a feature within the Starbucks app that allows me to place an order in advance, select my location, and pay with a digital card or Apple Pay. Mobile Order and Pay are especially convenient during busy times when there’s a long queue inside or in the drive-through lane. It’s also useful for customizing drinks with specific instructions or for ordering from locations that don’t offer mobile payments, like Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Starbucks

Using Apple Pay at Starbucks offers convenience, allowing for quick and easy digital payments in-store and on the app while enhancing payment security through a safer payment method.


Using Apple Pay at Starbucks offers a great deal of convenience for customers. With a simple tap on their iPhone, they can quickly complete their purchase without fumbling with cash or cards. Plus, it eliminates the need to carry around multiple payment methods. Additionally, loading funds onto your Starbucks Card through the mobile app is hassle-free and quick when using Apple Pay as an option. This means you can easily reload your card while waiting in line or before arriving at the store.


As a frequent Starbucks customer, security is always on my mind when making payments. Apple Pay adds a layer of security to my transactions, as it does not share my credit card number with the merchant. Instead, it uses tokenization to create a unique code for each transaction. In addition, using Apple Pay also reduces the risk of losing or having your physical wallet stolen. With all payment information stored securely on your iPhone’s digital wallet, there is no need to carry multiple credit cards or cash that can easily be misplaced or stolen.


One of the benefits of using Apple Pay at Starbucks is the opportunity to earn rewards. You can accumulate points toward free food and drinks with every purchase by linking a Starbucks rewards account to your Apple Pay. Plus, when you use the Starbucks app on your iPhone to order and pay ahead, you can skip the line and be rewarded for your loyalty. If you reload your Starbucks Card through Apple Pay on the app, you can earn additional bonus stars towards freebies.

Conclusion: Starbucks And Apple Pay

In conclusion, Starbucks accepts Apple Pay as a convenient and secure payment method at all their locations. When using Apple Pay, your credit card number is not shared, and you can also reload your Starbucks Card through the app. Other digital payments, such as Google Pay and Samsung Pay, are also accepted by Starbucks. Using mobile payments like Apple Pay allows for quick transactions and enhances overall customer convenience .


1. Does Starbucks accept Apple Pay as a payment method? Yes! Starbucks accepts Apple Pay in their stores and through their mobile app. 2. Should I set up anything special to use Apple Pay at Starbucks? No, you need to ensure that your iPhone or other device with the digital wallet feature is set up with an eligible credit or debit card and ready for contactless payment. 3. Can I still earn rewards when using Apple Pay at Starbucks? Yes, customers can still earn loyalty rewards such as Stars when they use the Starbucks mobile app to pay with Apple Pay. 4. Are there any limits on the amount I can spend using Apple Pay at Starbucks? Generally, there are no specific limits on how much you can spend. Still, it depends on each store’s policy and any daily transaction maximums that might be imposed by your bank or credit card company.