Can You Buy a Single AirPod

Yes, you can get a single (left or right) AirPod and can even get the charging case separately. However, depending on where you stay and the model in question, the cost might seem prohibitive.

Did you just forget where you had kept either of your AirPods? Since the AirPods are both tiny as well as wireless(with the exception of AirPods Max), it is common to lose track of where you might have kept them. Locating them in such cases is not always easy, especially if they have been turned off. In the latter case, tracking apps will be able to display only the location where the AirPods still had some charge left. So if you begin to wonder whether can you buy a single AirPod, do not worry. There is still the option to order one as a replacement directly from Apple. [toc]
What you will need
  • The serial number of your AirPods
Apple requires that you give them the serial number of your AirPods in order to get the missing one as a replacement. You can get the serial number from the settings of a paired iOS/iPadOS device, or find it printed on the device which you still have as well as on the product packaging and receipt/invoice. In the case of AirPods and AirPods Pro, the same serial number is applicable to the AirPods as well as the charging case.

Step 1: Open the browser

Visit the AirPods Service & Repair – Apple Support website. Scroll down and click on Get service.

Step 2: Describe the problem

Select Lost or Missing AirPods, and then select Replace lost AirPods. Now choose the model which you want replacing and then click Continue.

Step 3: Check out the options available

If not already signed in, you can now do so to know what options are available to you. On this page, you will also find articles that will help in the process of finding out more information. Note that if you have an AppleCare+ plan, it won’t cover the cost of replacement in case of lost or stolen AirPods. As of the time of writing, the estimated cost of replacement in the US (if doing it directly from Apple) is about USD $69 in the case of AirPods and about USD $89 for AirPods Pro. If you don’t want to order online, you can even book an appointment with an Apple store. You will still need a serial number though. The replacement AirPod which you get won’t have the same warranty as in case of ones bought fresh. It will be longer of two durations:
  • Any remaining warranty on your existing AirPods
  • 90 days
So, in case your lost AirPod has no remaining warranty left, the replacement given will have a warranty of 90 days only. Given this fact, you might feel tempted to go for a brand-new pair of AirPods, especially if you know of an offer that makes it cheaper to get a new pair instead of getting a replacement for the missing one. If you don’t already have a charging case, then that cost too will have to be factored in. It is often cheaper to get a refurbished combination of AirPods and charging case from third-party retailers.

What if I don’t want to order from Apple?

While there are many third-party sources for getting a missing AirPod, you would be taking risks with the item quality and any warranty. Third-party retailers do offer some good deals from time to time. However, the products you get may be defective and may not have undergone the same amount of testing or quality checks which Apple-certified refurbished goods do. You can also ask around in your social circles to check and see whether anyone is able to lend a spare AirPod to you. Even if there isn’t anyone available to do so, note that your remaining AirPod will still continue to function normally. If you find the replacement cost to be outside your budget, there are always competing products available from other vendors such as Beats. Many of these will cost less than AirPods.

What about my remaining AirPod? Will the replacement work in sync with it?

Yes, it is possible and quick to reestablish the pairing of the AirPods among themselves and with the charging case. However, you must be sure that the AirPods belong to the same generation. This hassle is automatically avoided if ordering directly from Apple. Since they have the serial number of your remaining AirPod, they know what model will be compatible to complete the pair successfully.
There are many reasons why AirPods may not be working properly, but simply losing one of the pairs is very frustrating. This frustration gets worse when you realize that tracking apps for such AirPods typically make use of Bluetooth, which has a much lower range compared to Wi-Fi or cellular signal. So don’t lose hope if one of your AirPods pairs gets lost, stolen, or even broken. As long as you don’t mind the cost, getting a replacement is possible.