Can You Charge AirPods In A Different Case

Yes, you can charge your AirPods in a different case. To do this, make sure that the other case has an adequate charge. Then, place both AirPods in the case, and open the lid. Pair your AirPods with the case by pressing the Setup button for a few seconds, then follow the pop-up instructions that appear on your iPhone.

There are several reasons why it would benefit you to connect your Airpods to different cases. For example, if you lose or damage your own charging case, you can get a replacement without starting from scratch with new AirPods. Or, if you need a quick charge at a friend’s house and you forgot your case, you can use theirs. Of course it’s not as simple as it may seem. This article will explain the full process of charging your AirPods with a different case.

Is It Possible To Charge AirPods In A Different Case?

Yes, you can use different charging cases with your AirPods. Just make sure the case itself is charged; otherwise, you won’t be able to tell if it’s working correctly. AirPods come with a Lightning port for wired charging, so compatible cases should work fine. Just make sure to always use an appropriate power source to charge your AirPods. Using the wrong charger can cause damage and might even void your warranty. Of course, it’s not as easy as throwing your earbuds into the new case, and that’s it. There’s a process you must follow that’s detailed below.

How To Connect Your AirPods To A Different Case

There may be many steps to connecting your AirPods to a different case, but the process is actually quite simple and straightforward.
  1. Ensure that there is enough charge left in the new charging case. The light outside the case functions as an indicator. If the light is green, it’s good to go.
  2. Open the case’s lid and fit both AirPods snugly inside. If they don’t seem to fit, it means the AirPods won’t charge. This could be due to your AirPods being a newer or older version compared to the case you’re trying to use. Can You Charge AirPods In A Different Case
  3. Open the lid of the case and wait for the light to flash an amber-like color.
  4. Once the AirPods are comfortably snug inside the case, you will then need to pair your iPhone with the case itself. You can do this by holding down the Setup button on the case for at least 10 to 20 seconds.
  5. When you see the status light flash red, open up the case. Make sure that your phone is right next to the case when you open the lid.
  6. Follow the pop-up instructions that appear on your iPhone. The last instruction will ask you to connect. Tap Done to officially connect your phone to the charging case.
  7. Your AirPods will now start charging like normal.
Note: Ensure the lid for the charging case is closed so your AirPods will charge properly. Your AirPods will not charge with the case open.

How To Unpair Your AirPods From The New Case

The downside of using someone else’s charging case is that your iPhone won’t recognize them later when you try to use them. Your AirPods will now be connected to the other iPhone that’s linked to that charging case. You will need to unpair your AirPods and pair them back to your iPhone:
  1. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone.
  2. Find your AirPods in the Bluetooth Settings. Tap on the i to open the information screen.
  3. Scroll all the way down and tap on Forget This Device. This will unpair your AirPods to your device.
  4. Open the lid of your original charging case. Make sure your AirPods fit snugly inside.
  5. Hold down the Setup button on the case until you see it flash white.
  6. A prompt will pop up on your iPhone that will ask if you want to pair your AirPods to your iPhone. Tap Pair to do so.

Potential Risks of Putting Your AirPods in Someone’s Charging Case

Though it may charge your AirPods to put them in someone else’s case, it is most certainly not the cleanest option, hygienically speaking. You could be opening yourself up to contracting ear infections by using a charging case that isn’t yours since there are invisible germs present on all surfaces. Even if the other person’s charging case looks clean, you can’t tell for certain unless you sterilize it first. Another risk associated with putting your AirPods in another person’s charging case is that it could damage the battery life of either the charger or your own AirPod battery. By taking the charging case of someone else, you are exposing your AirPods to a different electrical current than they’re used to, which can cause them to overheat or damage the battery life of either device. I hope you enjoyed reading about how to charge your AirPods in a different case. If you know someone else that’s wondering the same thing, please send them this article.