Default Change Network Access Sharing Model for Local Account Users

How to switch between the Network Classic Model and Guest Model of Authentication while accessing Shared Resources on a Network in Windows Vista? When your computer is connected to a network, then the shared resources can be accessed in two manners for the local account holders: Classic – Here the local users use the same credentials (username and passwords) that are used to log on to the system locally. Here you can allow different types of access to different users to fine-tune your access to shared resources. Guest – Here all the local users are mapped to the guest account. Here all the users are treated equally and the same level of authentication is applied to all the users. To accomplish this follow these steps: 1) Open Local Security Policy Editor and expand the branch Local Policies\Security Options in the left pane 2) Now double click the option Network access: Sharing and security model for local accounts in the right pane as shown above 3) Select the Classic or Guest model as per your convenience 4) Click the OK button

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