How To Dial Letters On iPhone

To dial letters on an iPhone, go to Settings > Phone > Keypad and then tap to select the appropriate letter key on the keypad

Have you ever needed to dial a phone number that includes letters but didn’t know how? Worry not! In this blog post, we’ll explore the simple steps to dial letters on iPhone using its built-in keypad. Not only will you learn about the alphanumeric keypad and letter dialing feature, but we’ll also share some pro tips for making such calls even quicker and more convenient.

Understanding The Dialing System On An iPhone

The dialing system on an iPhone can be navigated through the standard numeric keypad, the alphanumeric keypad, and the letter dialing feature.

The Standard Numeric Keypad

The standard numeric keypad on an iPhone is a familiar sight to most users. dialpad of iphone It consists of nine number keys arranged in a grid, with 1 at the top left, going across to 3 at the top right, and down through columns until we reach the bottom row containing numbers 7, 8, and 9. Each number key also corresponds to three or four letters of the alphabet. This layout has been around since the days of landline phones and has become second nature for many people when dialing phone numbers. However, not everyone realizes that this same keypad can be used for dialing letters and numbers on their iPhones. You might have encountered occasions where you needed to enter letters during a call – such as navigating an automated customer service system or connecting with someone using a vanity phone number like “1-800-FLOWERS”.

The Alphanumeric Keypad

One of the key features of the iPhone keypad is its alphanumeric functionality. This means that each number on the keypad corresponds to multiple letters. For example, pressing 2 once will result in the letter A appearing onscreen. Pressing it twice will bring up the letter B and so on. This feature can be incredibly useful when dialing out names or words associated with the contact information like “Hannah” or “Irving.”

The Letter Dialing Feature

As an iPhone user, you may have noticed that each number on the phone keypad has letters assigned to it. This is because iPhones have a letter dialing feature that allows users to type alphabets and numbers when making calls. To use this feature, tap the key for the corresponding letter when typing a text message or email. For instance, if you want to dial 1-800-FLOWERS, you can press “3” twice to get the letter “L,” then press “6” three times for “O,” and so on until you complete the word. my appl One great advantage of this feature is that it makes calling alphanumeric phone numbers easy and less confusing.

How To Dial Letters On iPhone

To dial letters on an iPhone, start by enabling the letter dialing feature in Settings > Phone > Keypad and then tap to select the appropriate letter key on the keypad while making a call.

Enabling The Letter Dialing Feature

To enable letter dialing on an iPhone, open the Phone app and click on the keypad icon in the bottom left corner. From there, press and hold down any number keys until a list of corresponding letters appears above it. Once this feature is enabled, users can easily type names or words on their phone keypad when making calls. For example, if you need to call your friend Lily, press 5 for “L” and then continue typing out each letter until her name appears as a suggestion. This feature comes in handy when dialing unknown numbers or trying to remember someone’s name while on the go.

Typing Letters On The Phone Keypad

Typing letters on an iPhone keypad is fairly straightforward. Once you have enabled the letter dialing feature, tap the key corresponding to the letter you want to input. Each number key on the keypad corresponds to three or four letters, so it may take a few taps to input longer words or phrases. For example, if you wanted to dial “APPLE,” you would press 1-800-555-APPL on your phone keypad. Additionally, auto-suggest can help speed up your typing by guessing what word or phrase you are trying to type based on similar inputs.

Using The Auto-Suggest Feature

The auto-suggest feature can be helpful when typing letters on an iPhone keypad. The phone will suggest possible words matching your entered letters as you type. This can save time and prevent errors when dialing long or complex letter combinations. For example, if you wanted to dial “Jenny,” simply typing 5-3-6-6 would result in “Kenny” being suggested by the phone. However, tapping the suggested word at the top of the keyboard (“Jenny” in this case), will replace your entry with the correct combination of numbers for that name. Another way to use auto-suggest is to add new contacts with letter shortcuts as part of their names – like Aidan Banks (2AB).

Tips And Tricks For Dialing Letters On An iPhone

Create custom contacts with letter dialing shortcuts to call your frequently contacted friends and family quickly.

Creating Custom Contacts With Letter Dialing Shortcuts

One of the most convenient and time-saving tricks for dialing letters on an iPhone is to create custom contacts with letter dialing shortcuts. This can be done by adding a contact, entering their name, and assigning letters corresponding to their initials or name. For example, you could assign the letters “J” and “K” to your friend Jack’s phone number so that when you enter those letters on the phone keypad during a call, it automatically dials Jack’s number. This feature saves time from manually entering full names or long phone numbers every time you call. Another useful tip is that this feature isn’t exclusive to just your friends’ names; you can also use it for businesses or organizations.

Using Siri To Call Contacts With Letter-Based Names

I love using Siri to call contacts with letter-based names. It’s a simple and time-saving feature that lets me quickly connect with my friends and family without manually typing their full names or number on the keypad. For example, if I want to call my friend Alex, whose last name starts with B, I would say, “Call Alex B,” and Siri will automatically dial his number. It’s a great way to save time when dialing letters on an iPhone and is especially useful if you have trouble remembering phone numbers or contact names.

Combining Letter And Number Dialing For Easy Access To Extensions And PINs

I find combining letter and number dialing on my iPhone helpful for quick access to extensions and PINs. For example, if I need to call a conference line that requires an access code with the extension of one of the participants, I would dial the main number first, followed by the letters corresponding to the participant’s name, then enter their extension and finally inputting the access code. Another trick is creating custom contacts with letter shortcuts for frequently dialed numbers with extensions or PINS. By combining these different letter and number dialing methods on an iPhone, you can save time managing phone calls while staying organized without stress.

Common FAQs For Dialing Letters On iPhone

– How do I switch from numbers to letters on the keypad during a call? Tap the ABC button to switch to the alphanumeric keypad during a call. – Why does the iPhone have letters on its phone keypad? The letters were added for compatibility with traditional phone systems, which used letters and numbers in their dialing systems. – Can I type a letter on my iPhone and print it? Yes, you can use AirPrint or other printing apps available in the App Store to print out text messages or notes that contain letters.

How To Switch From Numbers To Letters On The Keypad During A Call

You may need to switch from dialing numbers to letters on the iPhone keypad during a call. If you want to spell out a name or word, you can easily do so by pressing and holding the number key until the corresponding letter options appear. For example, if you need to dial “1-800-FLOWERS” during a call, start by entering 1-800-3569377 using the numeric keypad. Then, when prompted for additional input options like an extension or PIN, press and hold the 3 keys until “D,” “E,” and “F” appear as options. Swipe right until you see “F,” then tap it to add it in place of 3.

The Reason For Having Letters On The Phone Keypad

One may ask, why are there letters on a phone keypad? The answer is simple. Letters were added to phone keypads to make it easier for people to remember and dial phone numbers faster. In the past, telephone companies used words as prefixes for their toll-free numbers, which spelled out easy-to-remember phrases like 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-888-TAXI-NOW. The letters on the phone keypad also enable users to easily remember alphanumeric passwords containing numbers and letters, such as PINs and account codes. Additionally, some businesses use letter shortcuts when constructing custom local business telephone numbers so customers can easily find them without searching through directories.

Typing A Letter On The iPhone And Printing It

A few simple steps exist to type a letter on your iPhone and print it out. First, open the Notes app on your iPhone, which can be found on the home screen. Once you have finished writing your letter, tap on the share icon (the square box with an upward arrow) in the top right corner of the screen. From here, you can choose to either AirPrint your letter or send it as an email attachment. Selecting AirPrint will allow you to connect to a nearby printer and print directly from your iPhone without additional software or drivers.


Dialing letters on an iPhone is a useful feature that can be useful when calling someone with a letter-based phone number or extension. Following the steps outlined above, you can easily enable the letter dialing feature and start typing names and words on your phone keypad. Use shortcuts like custom contacts and Siri voice control for faster access to your desired contacts.