How To Go Live on TikTok on iPhone With Easy To Follow Steps

You can take your work as a video content creator to another level by interacting with fans in real-time using Tiktok Live on your iPhone. Unlike short videos, there are no limits on recording time here.

You might have tried creating short videos and would have posted them to Tiktok. However, you wish that you could have a chance to broadcast a live stream instead of having your followers see recorded videos of yourself. This guide will show you how to go live on Tiktok on an iPhone. Following the steps mentioned here, you can conduct live sessions to entertain your followers on Tiktok using an iPhone. [toc] What you will need
  • Your iPhone – Ensure the iPhone is updated to the latest version of iOS. Newer versions are unavailable on old iPhone models like the iPhone 5S.
  • Internet access – The app requires internet access to connect to Tiktok’s servers. Livestreaming requires a stable connection and often consumes large amounts of data, so using a Wi-Fi connection is recommended over cellular data. This is especially true if your live video is going to be shot indoors.
  • Tiktok – For best results, it is recommended that you update the app to the latest version using Apple’s App store. Older versions might have bugs that can result in the live stream not working correctly.
You also need to be a minimum of 18 years old to stream on Tiktok Live. Depending on where you stay, there might be further licensing requirements to broadcast a live stream.

How To Go Live on Tiktok on iPhone

Step 1: Open Tiktok

Launch the app on your iPhone. These instructions will work even if you have an Android phone.

Step 2: Open your profile

In the app window, tap the “create” icon.

Step 3: Access the live screen

Choose LIVE from the navigation choices.

Step 4: Select an image

Choose an image so that your followers can identify you easily.

Step 5: Give a name to your stream

Having a unique and memorable name will help your followers remember your stream and be able to search for it easily.

Step 6: Check the lighting

Good lighting helps a lot when you want to go live on Tiktok. Make sure you are in an excellent ambient environment.

Step 7: Start broadcasting.

When you’re sure to go ahead, tap Go LIVE. This will begin your stream.
go live on tiktok

(Credit: Tiktok)

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What Can I do After Going Live?

In 2022, Tiktok has added many features that would benefit content creators like you. When you are Live, you can modify many options about your live streaming preferences. For this, you will need to tap the hamburger/overflow menu. Some of the things which you can do are:
  • Flip the camera – Your stream might require you to show content that can be better captured using the back cameras (which are usually of better quality than the front ones). Vice versa, you might even need to use the front camera when you want to show yourself to your followers. This flipping can be done easily when you are live.
  • Add effects – Content creators on Tiktok often use a variety of effects to make their videos stand out. Tiktok already provides some products which you can apply. You do not need to be an expert at video editing to use them.
  • Keep out harmful comments – Even if you don’t have many followers, when you connect with your community, it is likely that you will come across people whose feedback won’t be appropriate. Tiktok allows you to filter comments. When you interact with your followers, they can have a variety of reactions. It helps to stay focused and keep the conversation polite and on-topic.
  • Get help with managing – When you are dealing with an audience in real time, there might be a lot of firefighting to do for one person alone. Tiktok allows you to have up to 20 moderators that can help you make your Tiktok experience smoother and less stressful.
go live tiktok iphone

(Credit: Twitter)

Tiktok regularly rolls out new and updated features for content creators. You can make use of analytics to gain better insights into your stream’s performance. This will help your stream grow. Conclusion We hope you enjoyed learning about the Tiktok Live feature. If you stream from your Tiktok account, it is essential that Tiktok users are able to participate in an engaging live conversation with you. If you meet the requirements, you can think of this as a way to increase followers. If you want to shoot a how-to video or even host a quick Q&A, Tiktok live streams are a good choice. You can even get virtual gifts such as gift points from your community. By following the steps mentioned in this guide, you can create live streams that look more professional.