How to Clear Tiktok Cache on iPhone

If you have been using the Tiktok app for a while, chances are you have consumed a lot of data using the same. Tiktok stores some of this data in the app’s cache, gradually leading to the app taking up more space on your phone over time. If the app is not working correctly, this guide will help. It will show you how to clear the Tiktok cache on your iPhone. [toc] What you will need
  • Your iPhone – Ensure the iPhone is updated to the latest version of iOS. Newer versions of iOS, such as iOS 16, are unavailable on old iPhone models like the iPhone 5S.
  • Internet access – The app requires internet access to connect to Tiktok’s servers. While the process alone will not consume a lot of data, using a Wi-Fi connection is still recommended over cellular data.
  • Tiktok – For best results, it is recommended that you update the app to the latest version using Apple’s App store. Older versions might have bugs that can result in the cache not being cleared properly.
Keep in mind that after clearing the cache, Tiktok will attempt to download a fresh copy of any content you might have accessed earlier. This will not only cost you some data usage but will also take more time than using the cache. The cache helps your app perform better as Tiktok stores data related to the videos you’ve watched and other information.


Step 1: Open the app

Launch the app on your phone.

Step 2: Open your profile

In the app window, tap on profile at the bottom right.

Step 3: Open the hamburger/overflow menu

Now tap the icon with three lines at the top-right.

Step 4: Go to your account settings.

Tap on Settings and Privacy.

Step 5: Confirm that you want to clear your cache.

Now tap Clear cache.
How to Clear Tiktok Cache on iPhone

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What is the best time to try clearing the cache?

Clearing the cache is not the first recommended step if Tiktok is facing issues. For instance, if you are trying to watch a video for the first time and the playback lags/stutters, then most probably, the cache is not to be blamed. More often than not, restarting the app or phone itself helps solve many issues. This will help determine whether it is a local issue at the root of the problem or whether Tiktok’s servers are facing an issue. In case that does not work, the next likely root cause is the internet connection. Weak network coverage can lead to a poor viewing experience, and you won’t enjoy watching your video in such conditions. The video won’t play smoothly. Try switching between mobile data and Wi-Fi and see if you face connectivity issues with other websites/services. Once network connectivity has been ruled out as a likely cause, then it is an excellent time to clear your cache. This should usually take just a couple of seconds. You can clear your Tiktok cache in other cases, such as when you are running out of storage space. Following the abovementioned steps will clean your device’s cache and temporary data. This should help you get back some space in your phone. If you have watched hundreds of videos on the popular social media platform, many gigabytes of data have likely been consumed.

Deleting the cache on Tiktok did not help.

If erasing temporary files did not help to solve the issue, you can report the problem to Tiktok. For this, you can follow steps 1 to 4 of the above-given instructions and then choose Report a problem instead of step 5. On-screen instructions will guide you about the next steps to take. In the end, Tiktok will ask whether your problem was solved. If you select No here, you will get to contact them and describe your issue in further detail. Conclusion We hope you enjoyed reading about how you can get back some space on your device by deleting the cache. iPhones don’t come with memory card slots, so you must watch the space being used. Tiktok is widely used across the globe and uses a cache. Although the cache is beneficial, Tiktok doesn’t stop you from clearing it. You can fix many issues by following the super easy steps mentioned in this guide.