Rufus Alternative For Mac

Rufus Alternative For Mac are balenaEtcher, UNetbootin, DiskMaker X, and Deepin Bootmaker.

Are you struggling to find an equivalent of Rufus for your Mac? You’re not alone. Despite Rufus being a fantastic tool for creating bootable USB drives, it simply isn’t compatible with macOS. In this article, we’ll expose you to the Rufus Alternative For Mac. Ready to discover these software gems? Let’s dive in!

Quick Summary

  • Rufus, a popular bootable USB creator, is not compatible with macOS.
  • BalenaEtcher, UNetbootin, DiskMaker X, and Deepin Bootmaker are top alternatives for creating bootable USB drives on Mac.
  • BalenaEtcher offers cross-platform compatibility and easy-to-use features.
  • UNetbootin allows users to create bootable USB drives on Mac for Linux-based distributions.

Rufus and its Limitations on Mac

Unfortunately, Rufus, a highly touted software for creating bootable USB drives, falls short on Mac systems. In essence, Rufus was specifically designed to serve users who operate the Windows platform, making it incompatible with macOS. As such, this hardens creating a bootable USB drive for Mac users. Moreover, despite being an exceptional tool in its own right under the Windows environment, its inability to support Apple’s operating system limits its scope and reach. Consequently, many Mac users find themselves grappling with the challenge of having no native Rufuslike software for their devices; from ISO image writing to disk imaging, tasks are left unresolved without a viable solution at hand. Henceforth leading to the search for alternative solutions like UNetbootin or balenaEtcher that serve as Mac-compatible bootable USB creators.

Top Rufus Alternative For Mac

Here are the top Rufus alternatives for Mac: balenaEtcher, UNetbootin, DiskMaker X, and Deepin Bootmaker.


balenaEtcher is a popular alternative to Rufus for Mac users who want to create bootable USB drives. It is a reliable and easy-to-use tool that allows you to write ISO files onto USB drives with just a few simple steps. balenaEtcher One of the key advantages of balenaEtcher is its cross-platform compatibility, as it works not only on Mac but also on Windows and Linux operating systems. With balenaEtcher, you can quickly and securely create bootable USB drives for various purposes, such as installing a new operating system or recovering data from a damaged computer. This makes it an ideal choice for beginners and advanced users looking for a Rufus-like software solution on their Mac devices.


UNetbootin is a popular Rufus alternative for Mac users who want to create bootable USB drives. Originally designed for Linux-based boot drives, UNetbootin can also be a reliable Mac option. UNetbootin With its intuitive interface and straightforward functionality, UNetbootin allows users to easily select an ISO image and choose their desired target drive. It supports various operating systems, including Windows and macOS, making it a versatile choice for anyone looking to create bootable USB drives on their Mac devices.

DiskMaker X

DiskMaker X is a highly regarded Rufus alternative for macOS users who want to create bootable USB drives. This small utility allows you to build a bootable USB drive effortlessly, making it one of the best options. With DiskMaker X, you can easily install or upgrade macOS using a USB drive instead of relying on optical media or internet recovery. It offers a simple and user-friendly interface that even beginners can easily navigate. Whether you need to create a bootable USB for troubleshooting purposes or for setting up multiple Macs, DiskMaker X is an excellent choice that provides the functionality and convenience you need.

Deepin Bootmaker

Deepin Bootmaker is a powerful Rufus alternative for Mac users looking to create bootable USB drives. It offers a simple, intuitive interface that allows you to easily select the ISO file and USB drive and then create a bootable disk with just a few clicks. Deepin Bootmaker supports various operating systems and provides options for partition schemes and target system types, ensuring compatibility with different devices. With its fast and reliable performance, Deepin Bootmaker is an excellent choice for Mac users who need to create bootable USB drives effortlessly.

Features and Benefits of each Rufus Alternative

Let’s examine their key features and benefits to understand why these Rufus alternatives are highly recommended.
Rufus Alternatives for Mac Key Features
balenaEtcher Simple interface, cross-platform compatibility, and support for various image files.
UNetbootin Supports a variety of Linux distributions, persistent storage for Linux distributions, and cross-platform compatibility.
DiskMaker X It builds a bootable USB drive, supports macOS versions, and has an intuitive user interface.
Deepin Bootmaker Supports Windows and Linux ISOs, simple interface, and quick boot device creation.
Each Rufus alternative for Mac offers unique features and benefits catering to different needs and platforms. While Rufus may not be available for Mac, these alternatives provide similar, if not better, functionality for creating bootable USB drives.

Conclusion: Choosing the Best Rufus Alternative for Mac

In conclusion, plenty of great options are available when it comes to finding a Rufus alternative for Mac. Whether you choose balenaEtcher, UNetbootin, DiskMaker X, or any other alternative mentioned in this article, rest assured that you can create bootable USB drives effortlessly on your Mac. So go ahead and choose the best Rufus alternative that suits your needs, and start creating bootable USBs with ease on your Mac system.


1. What are some alternatives to Rufus for Mac?

Some alternative software options for creating bootable USB drives on Mac include Etcher, UNetbootin, DiskMaker X, and TransMac.

2. Is it safe to use Rufus alternatives on my Mac?

Yes. If you download reputable software from trusted sources and follow the instructions carefully, using Rufus alternatives on your Mac is generally safe.

3. Can I create a bootable USB drive for Windows using a Rufus alternative for Mac?

Yes! Many Rufus alternatives for Mac support are creating bootable USB drives for macOS and other operating systems like Windows or Linux.

4. Are there any free alternatives to Rufus available for Mac?

Yes! Several free options exist as an alternative to Rufus on Mac, such as Etcher and UNetbootin, allowing you to create bootable USBs without cost.