The Difference Between No Caller ID vs Unknown Caller

There is a big difference between an unknown caller and a caller with no caller ID. An unknown caller means that your phone service could not identify the phone number that’s trying to reach you. No caller ID means that the caller is deliberately hiding their information from you.

Telemarketers and scammers are some of the most hated people on the planet. That’s why they like to hide their information when they try to contact you. By the end of this article, you will know the difference between no caller ID vs unknown caller. You will know what calls to answer and what calls to never pick up.

What Does Unknown Caller Mean?

Typically, if you receive a call from an Unknown Caller, it means that the service operator was unable to identify the number. When you receive a call from an unknown number, the caller might be based in another country, or there might be some kind of network issue. In most cases, however, the caller has deliberately hidden their identity from you.

What Does No Caller ID Mean?

A No Caller ID is when the caller has intentionally hidden their number from appearing on your screen. The ability to hide a phone number is not available on all phones. It depends on which carrier service you’re using. Some phones let users conceal their numbers at all times (until they turn the feature off) or only for specific phone calls.

The Difference Between No Caller ID VS Unknown Caller

So what’s the difference between “No Caller ID” and “Unknown Caller”? They both achieve the same goal, but there is one key distinction. A No Caller ID call is one in which the person placing the call has intentionally hidden their number. Many of these calls come from scammers attempting to sell you products or services that you don’t want. These scammers will try to hide their identity with the hopes that you will talk to them, and fall for their scheme. Related Reading

Can Someone From My Contacts Be An Unknown Caller?

A call from an unknown number means that the person calling you has hidden their identity, even if he is somebody you know. There could be many reasons why someone you know would hide their identity, including pulling a prank on you. If you have a personal policy not to answer unknown calls, let everyone in your contacts know that for future reference.

Should I Answer A Call From Someone With No Caller ID?

You can if you want, but I strongly recommend not answering a call with “no caller ID.” The chances of getting scammed are considerably higher. Plus, the call could be from an international region, that could lead to a hefty charge if you answered it. It’s usually best to just answer calls from people that you know.

Why Do I Have So Many Unknown Numbers Calling Me?

It’s very easy for scammers and telemarketers to get a hold of your number these days. Your number may have been leaked for a ton of different reasons. You won’t be able to “un-leak” your personal number. All you can do is try and prevent the calls from coming in.

How To Deal With An Unknown Number Or Any Unwanted Calls

Unwanted calls are not something that you have to deal with forever. Here are the best ways to deal with both unknown callers and callers with “no caller ID.”

Create An Unknown Caller Contact

Unfortunately, your iPhone can’t block calls from private or secret numbers. There is, however, a trick that many people use that can help stop the barrage of unknown callers:
  1. Open your Contacts App. Tap on the Plus icon.
  1. Under the contact’s First Name, type “No Caller ID” or something similar.
  1. For the phone number, type in “0000000000“.
  2. Tap Done to save the contact.
  1. Open the Phone app and search for your brand new “no caller ID” contact you just made. Scroll down to the bottom and tap Block This Caller.
  1. Then, tap on Block Contact to confirm.
Picture Any hidden or private numbers will now be recognized by your iPhone as a blocked number, preventing your phone from ringing if you get a call from an unknown caller.

Contact Your Phone Company

If you feel repeatedly harassed by an unknown caller, your wireless carrier or telephone company can help you identify the Caller ID of your mysterious caller. If you can show that the caller is harassing or threatening you, most companies will supply an up-to-date information on the caller, which may include their name, phone number, and address. All of this depends on the company and its policies. Keep track of the time and date of the call, as you will need this information when requesting caller details from your service provider. It is essential to have as many identifying factors as possible to trace the correct call.

Contact local authorities

If you’re feeling threatened by a caller, the best course of action is to file a report with the police. This will help them identify the caller and take appropriate action. Make sure to include all the information you know about these calls, such as any voices you heard, what time the call took place, your call list, and other crucial details. Having this data will assist the police department, making it easier to find who is harassing you.

How To Block Unwanted Calls And Phone Numbers

If you no longer want to receive anonymous calls, you can change your settings, so you never have to deal with unknown callers again. To do this:
  1. Open up your Settings app.
  2. Scroll down until you find Phone and tap on it.
  1. Scroll all the way down until you find Silence Unknown Callers. Tap on it.
  1. Toggle the Silence Unknown Callers switch from off to on.
Picture Picture

Download And Use TrueCaller

Another great way to handle unknown and unwanted calls is the free app, TrueCaller. Truecaller will identify and block spam calls (and also SMS messages) using a list of spammers that was built by over 300 million users. Here is how to set up TrueCaller:
  1. Download the TrueCaller app from the App Store.
Picture Scroll down and tap Call Blocking & Identification. Picture Switch on each Truecaller toggle switch. Picture Picture Did you learn something about the difference between unknown callers and callers with no caller ID? Leave a comment if you have any questions. Also, please share this article with anyone else who might be wondering about this same question.