What To Do With Old iPad

You can use Apple trade in program, trade with iPad recycling companies, turn into a smart home controller, transform it into a security camera or you can use it as a second screen for your computer.

Do you have an old iPad collecting dust in a drawer, unsure what to do with it? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many people find themselves with outdated gadgets as technology evolves rapidly. In this blog post, we’ll explore eco-friendly disposal options and creative ways To Do With Old iPad, giving it new life and purpose. From transforming it into a smart home controller or security camera to donating it for educational purposes, plenty of opportunities exist to extract value from your old tablet while minimizing environmental impact.

Quick Summary

  • There are several eco-friendly options for disposing of old iPads, including Apple’s Trade-In program and local electronics recycling centres.
  • Old iPads can be repurposed creatively, such as becoming a smart home controller or security camera, an extra screen for your computer, a dedicated e-reader, or even a music production tool.
  • If you have an old iPad that won’t update to the latest software versions, consider jailbreaking it to access older versions of apps. You can also turn it into a digital photo frame or a home automation hub.
  • Donating your old iPad to schools or community organizations is another great way to repurpose it and reduce electronic waste while giving back to your community.

To Do With Old iPad Disposal And Recycling Options

Apple offers a Trade-In program for free recycling and disposal of old iPads. At the same time, iPad recycling companies and local electronics recycling centres are also viable options for responsible e-waste disposal.

Apple Trade-In Program

One of the most environmentally friendly and convenient ways to dispose of your old iPad is through Apple’s Trade-In program. Apple Trade-In Program Not only does this option help reduce e-waste, but it can also provide you with some monetary value in return for your device. To participate in the Apple Trade-In program, visit their website or an Apple retail store. They’ll assess your device’s trade-in value, and if it doesn’t qualify for any credit – don’t worry – they’ll still recycle it responsibly for free! By choosing this route, you’re not only decluttering your home by getting rid of unused gadgets but also contributing to sustainable technology practices that help preserve our environment for future generations.

iPad Recycling Companies

If you want to dispose of your old iPad responsibly, many recycling companies specialize in e-waste disposal and management. These companies have various options for disposing of older electronics, from refurbishing them for reuse to extracting valuable materials like copper and gold from the devices. Some well-known iPad recycling programs include Gazelle, TechCycle Solutions, and Best Buy’s trade-in program. TechCycle Solutions Many other local organizations also offer electronic recycling services, so it’s worth checking with your city or town to see if any drop-off locations are available.

Local Electronics Recycling Centers

I always consider sustainability when it comes to disposing of my old iPad. One great option is taking it to a local electronics recycling centre where they can ensure that the device is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. These centres will often accept other electronic devices, making it an easy one-stop shop for responsible disposal. Some centres may refurbish and resell gently used devices or donate them to those in need.

Creative Ways To Reuse An Old iPad

Transform your old iPad into a versatile smart home controller, repurpose it as a security camera or use it as an extra screen for your computer – the possibilities are endless!

Turn It Into A Smart Home Controller

One of the best ways to reuse an old iPad is by turning it into a smart home controller. With the rise of smart home technology, having a dedicated device to control your lights, thermostat, and other connected devices can be incredibly convenient. By downloading apps from your preferred brands, such as Philips Hue or Nest, on your old iPad, you can easily manage all your smart home devices in one place. Upcycling an old iPad into a smart home controller can also be cost-effective and eco-friendly. Instead of buying expensive new touchscreens or controllers that use additional resources unnecessarily, repurposing outdated gadgets for new purposes helps reduce e-waste while saving money at the same time.

Transform It Into A Security Camera

One of the most creative ways to repurpose an old iPad is by turning it into a security camera. This can be a cost-effective solution instead of buying new security cameras and systems. By using your old iPad, you save money while keeping your home or office safe at the same time. All you need is a stand or tripod for the iPad, a Wi-Fi connection, and an app that turns your tablet into a surveillance device. Using an old iPad with these software applications provides users with DIY-style home surveillance options without paying for expensive equipment installation fees associated with traditional CCTV systems.

Use It As A Second Screen For Your Computer

One creative way to repurpose an old iPad is by using it as a second screen for your computer. This can be especially helpful for those who work from home or have multiple windows open simultaneously. With the help of apps like Duet Display or Air Display, you can easily connect your iPad to your computer and use it as an extended display. I use my old iPad as a secondary monitor for design projects. It’s great because I can keep all my tools and editing software on one screen while referencing inspiration images or project notes on the other. Plus, since iPads are lightweight and portable, they’re easy to move around and adjust depending on where you need them most in your workspace.

Donate It To A School Or Community Organization

Donating your old iPad to a school or community organization is another great option for repurposing your device. Many schools and community centres lack the resources to purchase new technology, so donating an older but still functioning iPad can make a significant difference in someone’s life. In addition, many nonprofit organizations accept used iPads as donations. These devices may be used for programs such as job training, language learning courses for adults, or after-school programs for children. By donating your old iPad, you are giving back to your community while also helping reduce electronic waste.

Use It As A Dedicated E-Reader

I love using my old iPad as a dedicated e-reader. It’s great for reducing screen time and helps me read without distractions on social media or the web. If you’re concerned about eye strain when reading on a tablet device, turn down the brightness settings or enable ‘Night Shift’ mode if available.

Hacks For Old iPads That Won’t Update

Jailbreak the device to access older versions of apps, turn it into a digital photo frame, use it as a music production tool or media centre, and even repurpose it as a home automation hub.

Jailbreak The Device To Access Older Versions Of Apps

If your old iPad is not compatible with the latest software updates, it may be hard to install newer versions of apps. However, there is a solution – jailbreaking the device. Jailbreaking unlocks an iPad’s operating system and allows users to download and use older versions of apps that are no longer available on the App Store . One important thing to note is that jailbreaking comes with risks, such as voiding any warranty or support from Apple. It’s also important to carefully research how to jailbreak your specific model of iPad before attempting it yourself. Jailbreaking can be tricky for those who are not tech-savvy, so seeking help from professionals might be necessary in some cases.

Turn It Into A Digital Photo Frame

Another popular way to repurpose an old iPad is by turning it into a digital photo frame. This can be a great way to display your favourite memories stylishly and modernly without using up valuable wall space with traditional frames. To turn your old iPad into a photo frame, download the appropriate app and choose which images you want to display. Depending on the app, you may be able to customize settings such as how long each image stays on screen or whether they are displayed in full-screen mode or cropped.

Use It As A Music Production Tool

I love making music, and my old iPad has been a perfect tool. An old iPad can be transformed into a powerful music production device with the right apps. Several high-quality synthesizer apps are available, many of which offer multi-track recording capabilities so that you can create complex arrangements on the go. With its large screen size and portability, an old iPad is ideal for songwriting and mixing while you’re on the move. Some musicians even use their iPads as live performance tools, connecting them to other instruments or sound systems through audio interfaces or MIDI controllers.

Use It As A Media Center

If you love to watch movies and TV shows, an old iPad can be repurposed into a media centre. With the right apps and software, your iPad can quickly become a powerful entertainment device that streams videos, music, podcasts and more. One excellent option is Plex Media Server which lets you access all of your favourite content from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. This app organizes your media library so it’s easy to navigate across devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Another option for using an old iPad as your go-to media centre is Netflix Party which allows users to host virtual watch parties by syncing up their viewing experience with friends or family members who are watching simultaneously remotely.

Use It As A Home Automation Hub

Another creative use for an old iPad is to turn it into a home automation hub. With its larger screen and ability to act as a central control panel, the iPad can easily manage and monitor various smart gadgets in your home. For example, you could adjust your lighting or thermostat, turn on your security system, or even lock/unlock doors. By repurposing an old iPad in this way, you save money by avoiding the need for expensive dedicated controllers and reducing e-waste while adding value to an outdated gadget.

Tips For Preparing Your Old iPad For Repurposing

Back up your data, wipe the device clean, update the software, remove any personal information, and ensure it is unlocked and free of personal information before repurposing your old iPad.

Back-Up Your Data

Before repurposing or disposing of your old iPad, it’s important to back up your data to avoid losing precious files and information. One option is to use iCloud or iTunes to create a backup that can be restored on another device later. Another alternative is to transfer the data manually using a computer with an updated version of iTunes. It’s crucial to ensure all important files like photos, contacts, and documents are safely stored before wiping the device clean. I once forgot this step when passing down my old iPad as a hand-me-down gift, losing cherished photos.

Wipe The Device Clean

Before repurposing or recycling your old iPad, wiping the device clean of any personal information is crucial. This is an essential step to prevent identity theft and ensure that none of your sensitive data falls into the wrong hands. You can go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings to do this. It’s important to note that wiping your device clean does not remove everything permanently; some data may still be recoverable by experts with specialized tools. To ensure complete erasure, consider using third-party software designed specifically for this purpose or taking the device to a professional data destruction service.

Update The Software

To ensure that your old iPad is running smoothly and securely, it’s important to update the software before repurposing it. This will improve its performance and keep it safe from potential security threats. To do this, go to the “Settings” app, select “General”, and then tap on “Software Update”. It’s worth noting that some older iPads may not be compatible with the latest iOS updates, which can limit certain functionalities. In such cases, you may want to consider alternative uses for your device or opt for downgrading to an earlier version of iOS.

Remove Any Personal Information

Before repurposing or disposing of your old iPad, removing any personal information stored on the device is essential. This includes photos, contacts, emails, and browsing history. It’s important to note that simply deleting files from your iPad does not necessarily mean they are entirely removed from the device. Some deleted information may be recoverable without using specialized forensic software, which could lead to privacy concerns.

Make Sure It Is Unlocked And Free Of Personal Information

Before repurposing or recycling your old iPad, ensuring it is unlocked and free of personal information is crucial. This means logging out of all accounts, such as iCloud and iTunes, and removing any data stored on the device, including contacts, messages, photos, and documents. It’s best to follow Apple’s guidelines for wiping your device clean to ensure this step goes smoothly. This involves backing up your data using iCloud or iTunes before erasing all content and settings from the iPad’s “General” settings menu. Taking this precautionary measure concerning personal information on old iPads before donating or disposing of them responsibly ensures that you and the future owner have peace of mind knowing that no sensitive data will be compromised.


Don’t let your old iPad gather dust in a drawer. Whether you sell, donate, trade-in or recycle it, ensure you make the most of its value. Alternatively, consider transforming it into something new and useful, like a smart home hub or security camera.