How to Connect Galaxy Buds to Macbook

Just like how you can connect AirPods to non-Apple devices such as Dell laptops, it is possible to connect Galaxy Buds to non-Samsung devices like Macbooks. This guide will quickly show you how to connect Galaxy Buds to your Macbook. While the user manual for Samsung Galaxy Buds explains how to connect them to mobile phones (including non-Samsung smartphones), it doesn’t talk about PCs/Macbooks. However, regardless of whether you have a Macbook Pro or a Macbook Air, this how-to will help. What you will need
  • Your Macbook – Your Macbook and even an iMac run on macOS. Make sure you are using the latest macOS version available for your system. Updating to the newest version is essential because older versions may not have advanced Bluetooth functionality and may also contain bugs fixed in more recent releases. Also, make sure that Bluetooth is working on your Macbook.
  • Galaxy Buds – For best results, ensure that the earbuds have enough power and that Bluetooth works appropriately. This can be verified by connecting the earbuds to another capable device, such as a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
  • Charging case – Even if your earbuds have enough power, having the case handy will help to get into pairing mode quickly.
It would be best if you also disabled Bluetooth on nearby devices, such as your portable speaker. Related Reading Instructions

Step 1: Unpair the Galaxy Buds

Even if you don’t have a smartphone, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10, likely, you are currently using the earbuds while being paired with another device. The Galaxy Buds need to be unpaired before going ahead.

Step 2: Verify device visibility

As mentioned above, the pairing will work best if other nearby devices have their Bluetooth turned off. Now is an excellent time to verify this, as you have disconnected your earbuds.

Step 3: Open the Apple menu

On your Macbook, open the Apple menu. This will usually be represented by an icon of the fruit in the upper-left corner of the screen, often visible when hovering near the corner.

Step 4: Choose System preferences

Most settings in macOS can be configured using the System preferences window. Select that from the menu that has opened.

Step 5: Select Bluetooth

Choose it by clicking on its icon.

Step 6: Set up the case

If the earbuds were not already present in the case, put them in the case and close it. Now, open the case. This will trigger the earbuds to begin pairing. If this automatic pairing does not work, you can also trigger manual pairing by putting the Galaxy Buds into your ears and tapping on their touchpads.

Step 7: Verify the earbuds’ battery

Now you should be able to see the battery indicator has lit up. It will indicate the battery level of the earbuds. If your earbuds’ battery were completely drained, you would need at least 10 minutes’ worth of charging time before you can use the earbuds again. If the battery indicator does not light up, charge the case for at least 10 minutes.

Step 8: Select your earbuds

Connect the Galaxy Buds when they appear on the list in your Macbook. The Galaxy Buds appear for about 3 minutes, looking for nearby devices to pair with. After you connect your Galaxy Buds, the Macbook will confirm that they are now a paired device.

Step 9: Enable Bluetooth on other devices

Since the pair has been established, you can turn on Bluetooth on any device you had to turn it off. You can even use the Galaxy Wearable app with your Galaxy Buds.

How do I manage the Samsung Galaxy Buds on my Macbook?

You can use the Galaxy Buds Manager tool for macOS. Samsung provides this as a free download on the earbuds support page. It is a tiny program available in many languages. You can use this tool to update the software of the Galaxy Buds themselves. Do note that you need to have macOS version 10.8 or newer for this tool to work. Conclusion It is pretty straightforward to easily pair Galaxy Buds with your Macbook and Mac. If you want to use the Galaxy Buds as your daily companion while working at a coffee shop, it helps significantly if you have them paired with your Apple computer. We hope you learned how to connect the Galaxy Buds to a Macbook or Mac. Please share this article with others so they can also learn how to pair their Galaxy Buds with a Mac or Macbook.