[FIXED] TrueDepth Camera Not Working – 9 Easy Solutions

If you keep seeing the “Truedepth Camera Not Working” error when trying to use Face ID, there might be dirt or dust stuck on your screen. Try giving your phone a good cleaning.

The error could also be due to software glitches. If they’re minor, a restart should clear them, otherwise, you will have to use repair software. I faced the issue a while ago on my iPhone 12. Turns out, I was dealing with a software problem. I not only discussed how I fixed it but a few more solutions for iPhone and iPad users.

How Do You Fix Truedepth Camera Not Working?

There are many fixes you can try, but make sure that you use the Truedepth camera first. You need to hold your phone in a natural position in the portrait orientation, at arm’s length. With that out of the way, here are some fixes to get rid of the Truedepth camera issue:

Solution 1: Clean Your Front Camera

You might keep running into the error if there’s dirt stuck on your Truedepth camera. The camera will not be able to read your face if this is the case. Give your screen a good wipe-down to take care of this. At the same time, the Truedepth camera may be blocked because of the screen protector or case you have on. Remove them and see if the issue is solved.

Solution 2: Restart Device

Your iPad/iPhone Truedepth camera may not be working because of a glitch. If it’s minor, you should be able to turn your device off and back on again to clear it. Otherwise, you will have to do a force reboot. It’s essentially a more comprehensive restart method. Now, the steps to do a force-restart differ depending on your iPhone and iPad model. To force-reboot the iPhone 8 and later models, as well as the SE 2 and 3:
  • Press and quickly let go of the Volume Up and Volume Down button
  • Long-hold the Power off button until the Apple logo appears
On iPads with Face ID:
  • Press and quickly let go of the Volume button near the Top button
  • Press and quickly let go of the Volume button furthest away from the Top button
  • Press the Top button until the startup screen appears

Solution 3: Enable and Disable Airplane Mode

The error might be network-related. If this is the case, enabling and disabling Airplane Mode will help. Just keep in mind that when you switch Airplane Mode on, you will stop connecting to the internet, and you won’t be able to send texts or make phone calls either. Here’s what you do:
  • Open the Settings app
  • Enable Airplane Mode (toggle button should turn grey to green)
  • Wait around 30 seconds, then disable it again
  • Reboot

Solution 4: Download the Latest iOS Version

The error might appear if your OS is bugging out. You probably haven’t updated it in a while. You will need a stable internet connection before you start updating – it can take forever otherwise.
  • Go to Settings > General
  • Click on Software Update
  • Tap Install Now
  • Wait for the latest firmware file to install

Solution 5: Resetting Face ID

You might have meddled with your Face ID settings and forgotten to change them back. If you remember what you changed, go back and undo them. Otherwise, reset Face ID.
  • Go to iPhone Settings/ iPad Settings app
  • Tap Face ID & Passcode
  • Tap Reset Face ID
  • Close the app, then select Face ID & Passcode and follow the onscreen instructions for the Face ID setup

Solution 6: Revert to Factory Default Configurations

Your system settings could be the issue. You may have updated iOS recently. Some iOS updates are known to accidentally change system settings. To fix this, reset your device settings. Keep in mind that when you do this, your saved WiFi passwords, Bluetooth connections and location settings will be cleared.
  • Open the iPad/ iPhone’s Settings app
  • Go to General > Transfer or Reset iPhone
  • Click on the Reset Button
  • Select Reset All Settings
  • Enter your device passcode if asked

Solution 7: Use a Repair Tool

Before moving on to the last solution, I suggest using repair tools. They will scan your system and clear the issue that’s causing problems. There are many repair tools on the market, but I recommend iPhixer. To use it to get your iPad/iPhone’s Truedepth camera working again:
  • Download the iPhixer tool, install it and launch it
  • Wait for the screen with Standard and Advanced Mode to load
  • Click on the Standard Mode option
  • Connect either your iPad or iPhone device to your computer
  • Select the Next button, then click on the Download button to install new firmware
  • Click on Start > Enter
  • Wait for iPhixer to be done
Although Standard Mode will help, you can switch to Advanced Mode if you still can’t get the Truedepth lens and sensor array to properly work. Some users have complained about data loss in Standard Mode, even though it doesn’t happen all the time. However, you will deal with data loss if you go the Advanced Mode route.

Solution 8: Contact Apple Support

If all else fails, you might have faulty hardware on your hands. You may have dropped your phone and broken its True depth camera system. You will have to contact your local Apple store for help. Depending on your Apple device warranty, you can get the repairs done for free.


Answered below are some popular questions.

What is the TrueDepth camera?

Your iPad/iPhone’s TrueDepth Camera is a sensor that uses infrared projectors (in your front-facing camera) to capture face data that the naked eye can’t see. Its main role is to analyze your face and establish a proper Face ID lock. Once the Face ID lock has been set, the camera will use its laser systems to scan you and unlock your device. Hold your phone in portrait mode at arm’s distance to allow the sensor to work properly. Face ID works with masks too, so you don’t have to worry about the TrueDepth lens and sensor array not recognizing you.

Final Thoughts

The TrueDepth camera error usually appears because your device’s screen has dust or grime on it. As a result, the facial recognition feature won’t be able to scan and unlock your iOS device. The camera can also malfunction if you’re dealing with software glitches. Usually, restarting or force-restarting your device can fix the TrueDepth camera issues if minor glitches are responsible. The problem can also be hardware-related. Only a trained technician will be able to help, so contact your local Apple store to get the Face ID sensor working again. Hopefully, you found all the points discussed useful. They will work on both iPhones and iPads with face ID, like the iPad Pro and iPhone XR.