Fixing iPhone Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting: 6 Easy Solutions

If your iPhone’s hotspot keeps disconnecting, you could be dealing with low data or low battery life. But at the same time, the problem can be due to some kind of software issue like a bug. You would have to update your device to fix this. Although I have not faced the problem in a while, my personal hotspot kept giving me trouble a couple of months ago. I figured that it was due to low power mode being enabled. I discussed not only what I did to fix this but all the other tricks that you can try. Sound good?

How Do You Fix iPhone Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting Randomly?

There are a couple of fixes that you can try, but before I get started, know that none of them will work if you’ve accidentally been opening the personal hotspot screen, then switching your hotspot connection off. With that out of the way, let’s talk about some fixes:

Solution 1: Disable Low Power Mode

If you have low power mode enabled, your iPhone hotspot would stop working. You will have to go to your device’s Settings to switch the mode off. Here’s a detailed breakdown:
  • Launch the Settings app
  • Go to Battery menu
  • Toggle Low Power Mode off

Solution 2: Disable Low Data Mode Option

If you switched low data mode on because your mobile data speeds aren’t the best, your iPhone’s personal hotspot would automatically stop working. Disable it to get it up and running again. Here’s what you do:
  • Launch the Settings app
  • Click on Cellular or Mobile Data
  • Select Cellular or Mobile Data options
  • If you see low data mode enabled toggle it off

Solution 3: Force Reboot or Restart Your iPhone

The problem might be due to a minor software glitch. You should be able to clear it by switching your phone on and off. But if this does not do the trick, I would suggest that you force restart. A force restart is like a regular reboot but more comprehensive. Here’s how you force restart iPhone models that come with Face ID, as well as the iPhone 8 and SE 2 and 3:
  • Press and quickly let go of the Volume Up button and then do the same for the Volume Down button
  • Press and hold the Side Button
  • Let go of the Side button when you see the Apple logo popup
Here’s what you do on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus:
  • Press and hold the Volume Down and Sleep buttons at the same time, and then let go of the two when you see the Apple logo screen
Here’s what you do on the iPhone 6 and SE 1st gen:
  • Press and hold the Home and Sleep buttons at the same time, and then let go of the two when you see the Apple logo screen
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Solution 4: Software Update

The problem can be due to you using an outdated iOS version. You would face all kinds of issues if this is the case, and not just your personal hotspot connection not working. You can update iOS directly through the settings app or iTunes. Here’s what you do via Settings
  • Open the Settings app
  • Go to the General menu
  • Click on Software Update
  • Click on the latest firmware version
  • Wait for the update to install
Here’s what you do on iTunes:
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB or lightning cable
  • Launch the latest iTunes version
  • Close all the other tabs and windows that are running (they can interfere with the update process)
  • Click on Device
  • Go to the Summary tab
  • Click Download and Update
  • Enter your password if asked
  • Download the latest firmware file

Solution 5: Reset Network Settings

Your network settings may have become corrupt and are acting up. To fix this, you will have to reset these settings. But keep in mind that you would lose all the custom network configurations that you’ve set in the process. Here’s what you do:
  • Open the Settings app
  • Go to the General menu
  • Tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone
  • Click Reset and then select the Reset Network Settings option
  • Enter your device password to confirm

Solution 6: Update Carrier Service Settings

The iPhone hotspot disconnecting issue can be due to your carrier settings being outdated. Carrier updates are firmware that your service provider releases to make sure you’re not dealing with bugs. So downloading them should take care of things. Here’s what you do:
  • Connect your device to a Wi-Fi or a cellular network
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on General
  • Tap on the About option
  • Scroll down until you find your SIM details
  • Open your SIM settings
  • Check the Network Provider’s Version
  • Tap on it and wait for the latest version to install
FAQ Answered below are some popular questions.

Why do Devices Keep Disconnecting from My iPhone Hotspot?

There are a couple of reasons why devices may keep disconnecting from your iPhone’s personal hotspot, and they include:
  • The other device may not be able to connect to your iPhone’s hotspot, as you have software updates due. If you’re using an older iOS software version, this would not be a surprise. Your OS would be outdated and bugging out.
  • The problem may be due to a software glitch. You will have to restart your iPhone to fix this.
  • The issue could be due to your local carrier software being outdated. You will have to download these firmware to take care of things.
  • You may have a lot of data consumed, or switched to low data mode because you used a lot of mobile data usage. As mentioned, you can’t establish a proper personal hotspot with the mode running.

Final Thoughts

As you saw from everything that was discussed, there are many ways to get the personal hotspot feature to work on your device again. Unfortunately, this is a problem that many iPhone users face. To fix it, update iOS version, check data usage, and disable the low data mode from the settings menu. You can also update your carrier service settings and reset your network settings too. Hopefully, the network connection will work, and the connected device won’t deal with the iPhone disconnecting and will have a stable internet connection now.