How To Control F On iPad

Use Control F on iPad using an external keyboard, typing in the search bar, or utilizing features such as “On This Page” in Safari.

Mastering the art of navigating your iPad can save you time and energy when searching for specific information. One handy feature is Control-F, which lets you quickly find specific keywords or phrases on a page or document.

Quick Summary

  • Control – F on iPad is a powerful feature that allows users to quickly search for specific text or phrases on a webpage or document.
  • There are multiple ways to access an iPad’s Control – F function, such as using an external keyboard, typing in the search bar, or utilizing features like “On This Page” in Safari.
  • The Control – F function can be used across different apps and browsers on your iPad, including PDFs, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Safari, and Chrome.
  • Disabling the Find on Page feature in Safari is simple and can be done through a few taps.

Understanding Control-F On iPad

Control-F on iPad is a feature that enables users to search for specific text or phrases on a page quickly.

Basic Definition Of Control-F

As a proficient user of an iPad, I’ve come to appreciate the benefits of using keyboard shortcuts like Control-F. But first, let’s clarify what the term “Control-F” means. Control-F is a universal keyboard shortcut that allows users to quickly search for specific words or phrases within a page or document. For instance, when browsing through lengthy articles or engaging with informative webpages on my iPad, I find it immensely helpful to use the Control-F function to locate relevant sections and details without having to scroll endlessly.

Benefits Of Control-F On iPad

Using the Control-F function on an iPad has many benefits that can save time and effort when browsing web pages or searching for specific information. You can quickly find relevant text or phrases on a page with a few clicks, making navigating through large files or documents easier. The Control-F function also allows users to efficiently locate terms in various apps such as Safari and Google Chrome. For instance, if you want to find particular data points in PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets on your iPad, using the Control-F feature makes this process easy and speedy. Moreover, Safari’s “On This Page” feature enables you to search for words within a website swiftly without scanning the entire page manually.

How To Use Control F On iPad

Learn to use Control F on iPad using an external keyboard, typing in the search bar, or utilizing features such as “On This Page” in Safari.

Using An External Keyboard

control f on ipad using External Keyboard I find it much more comfortable to type on an external keyboard while using my iPad, especially when I have a lot of content to work with. The good news is that if you’re like me, the Control-F function can still be accessed even using an external keyboard. What makes this so convenient is that instead of having to manually search for every occurrence of your desired word or phrase, you can quickly scan through the results provided by Control-F. This saves time and effort while making browsing more efficient overall.

Using The Share Icon In Safari Or Chrome

Another way to use the Control-F function on iPad is through the share icon in Safari or Chrome. Simply open a webpage and tap the share icon at the bottom toolbar. Select “Find on Page” to activate the search bar and type in your desired keyword or phrase. I found this feature particularly helpful when researching articles or studying online materials as it allows me to quickly locate relevant information without manually scanning through lengthy texts.

Typing In The Search Bar In Safari

control f on ipad in safari One way to use the Control-F function on an iPad is by typing in the search bar in Safari. To do this, open Safari and navigate to the webpage you want to search. Then, tap on the address bar at the top of the screen and type in your search term. As you start typing, a list of suggestions will appear below the address bar, which may include “On This Page.” This method can be beneficial when searching for specific words or phrases within a long document or article. It lets you quickly locate information without having to scroll through pages manually.

Using The “On This Page” Feature In Safari

One of the most convenient ways to use Control-F on an iPad is by using Safari’s “On This Page” feature. For example, if you’re reading a lengthy article online and want to quickly find a specific section or keyword, using the “On This Page” feature can save you time and effort. Instead of manually scrolling through pages of text, you can quickly jump to each instance of your search term with just a few taps.

Controlling F In Different Apps On iPad

In addition to Safari and Chrome, the Control-F function can be used in various apps on iPad, such as PDFs and Microsoft Word – read on to discover how you can streamline your searches across all your apps!

Using CTRL + F Or Command + F In Safari

To use the Control-F function in Safari on iPad, users can press the Command+F keys simultaneously on a connected keyboard or tap and hold the address bar to bring up the search field and type their desired search term. This will show a pop-up at the bottom of the screen with options to quickly find specific words or phrases on that webpage. For those without a keyboard, tapping and holding down on any word within a webpage brings up an option to highlight it – from there, you can select “Find” from the resulting menu to bring up Safari’s contextual HUD, where you can enter your query.

Using The Find In Page Feature In Chrome

Using the Find in Page feature in Google Chrome on my iPad is incredibly helpful when I want to locate a specific word or phrase on a webpage quickly. To use this feature, open the Chrome app and navigate to the webpage you want to search. Then tap the “..” icon in the top right corner of your screen and select “Find in Page” from the dropdown menu. With this simple trick, I’ve saved time scrolling through lengthy articles or websites – instead, I can immediately jump to relevant sections with just a few taps.

Using The Find Or Search Feature In PDFs And Google Docs

One of the advantages of using an iPad is having access to various documentation and notes, including PDFs and Google Docs. To use the Control-F function in these documents on an iPad, users can tap on the search bar at the top of their screen within these apps. This feature can be handy when finding relevant information quickly without scrolling through long pages or documents. For example, if a user is looking for a particular reference or point made by another author in their research paper, they could easily search for that phrase using the Control-F function on their iPad within a few clicks.

Using The Find And Replace Feature In Microsoft Word

Another great feature of the Control-F function on iPad is its ability to find and replace specific words or phrases using Microsoft Word. This tool can come in handy when editing long documents or correcting mistakes. To use Find and Replace in Microsoft Word on iPad, open the document you want to edit, tap the three-dot menu icon at the top right corner of your screen, select “Find,” then choose “Replace.” From there, type in the word(s) you want to find and replace with something else. Using this tool can save significant time for anyone who writes frequently on their iPad or uses it for work purposes.

Common FAQs About Control F On iPad

– Can the Control-F function be used on iPhone? – How do I turn off the Find on Page feature? – Is it possible to customize keyboard shortcuts for Control-F on iPad?

Is Control-F Available On iPhone?

Many iPhone users wonder if the Control-F function is also available. Unfortunately, the answer is no. However, there are alternative ways to search for text on an iPhone, such as using the search bar in Safari or searching within specific apps like Notes and Pages. Some third-party apps offer features similar to Control-F, allowing users to quickly search for a specific word or phrase within a document or webpage.

How To Turn Off The Find On Page Feature?

If you want to turn off your iPad’s Find on Page feature, it’s a simple process that can be done in just a few taps. To do this, open Safari and tap the “AA” icon at the screen’s top left. Select “Website Settings” from there and scroll down to find “Find On Page.” It’s important to note that disabling this feature will also remove any currently active search terms from the page you’re viewing. If you need to re-enable it or adjust any other settings related to website viewability or web browsing experience, follow these steps again and make any necessary changes.

Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts For Control-F

As an iPad user, you can customize keyboard shortcuts for Control-F to streamline your search process further. This feature allows you to assign specific combinations to easily access the Control F function without typing it out manually or using multiple fingers on a keyboard. To create a shortcut, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts and tap the “+” icon. Customizing keyboard shortcuts saves time and improves productivity by making repetitive tasks easier and faster. Control over these little details sets the iPad apart from other tablets regarding efficiency and customization options.


In conclusion, knowing how to use the Control-F function on an iPad can significantly boost your productivity and save time when searching for information. With different ways of accessing the search bar, such as using external keyboards or searching within apps, it’s easy to quickly navigate large web pages or documents. By utilizing this powerful tool on your iPad, you can find what you’re looking for in seconds instead of minutes.